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Magical Experiments – Meadel 8 June 104AV

Master Gerard had told him to not try these things, to stop meddling in magics he knew nothing of. Alexander frowned at the thought, he was a mage, and mages need magic or they’re just frustrated book worms hiding behind the big warriors.

He had to do this, he had to regain what he had lost. Foolishly, he allowed his mind to become excited at the result of the words he was preparing to utter. He closed his eyes, and softly whispered the words of power. He did not open his eyes out of fear of what he had done. A warm feeling touched his skin, and he felt almost paralyzed out of fear. Alexander held his breath and for a few minutes, nothing happened, he felt fine!

He stormed into the kitchen and spotted the cook. “You, Cook! Take this knife and cut into my arm!” he commanded the wide eyed young man.  Hesitantly, the cook picked up the knife and shuffled forward. “Do It!” Alexander exclaimed and thrust his arm out. The cook extended his arm and gently pressed the blade against his skin. As he drew the blade across Alexander skin, trying to cut, but not too deeply, he saw a flash of light, and when he looked again at the place he had cut his master, he noticed the knife had left no mark.

Alexander looked down at his arm and a huge grin appeared on his face. He ran out of the kitchen into the small garden outside, whooping joyfully.


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