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A Disease Cured

Charlotte’s mother went into another fit of coughs. The beast that bit her was diseased. The family didn’t expect her to survive much longer.

They had sent for herbs that might help, but they would take too long to arrive. Ever since Charlotte’s magic vanished her family had a hard time on their farm. She had lost one of her brothers to a similar fate and she swore she wasn’t going to lose her mother as well.

Her family and even her mother have tried to stop her, believing that magic had truly vanished. She was still sitting there, next to her mother’s bed, refusing to give up.

With fresh tears welling in her eyes from her mother’s most recent fit, she tried again, willing magic to flow, to remove the disease from her mother’s blood. New words of power came unknowingly to her and a warmth she hadn’t felt in months flowed from her into her mother.

Her mother’s coughing stopped and smiles and tears of joy replaced the sad as new magic lifted the ailment.

(Written by Rushka Venter)


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