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A Chaos Mage awakes – Meadel 10 June 104AV

Thaddeus paced the cold corridors of his tower for the umpteenth time this week. His research could go nowhere if his magics were haywire. There was a pile of now mouldering corpses in the basement that were merely going to stink up the place if he didn’t make a plan. He had searched his libraries to no avail; he was at his wits end. He could not afford to set another corpse on fire instead of raising it, the makeshift supports he had erected in the laboratory were rickety at best and he doubted the tower would last much longer should he muck up again.

A rat scurried in his path as he turned the corner. In his annoyance he lashed out at it. That was when he felt it, just a hint, as if trying to tease him like a freshly dug grave. The familiar feeling of untainted chaos tickled inside him.

Could it be? Was it possible? Should he dare?

He mulled it over for a split second. The rat looked at him with mixed fear and curiosity from where it had hidden itself in-between some loose boards. Thaddeus drew on the chaos within him entrusting his mind to its guidance as familiar words tumbled from his lips “ I call upon chaos to cause wounds” the dark lilac sphere of baleful energy that burst into existence in his hand drew a wicked smile to his lips. With pinpoint accuracy it hurtled through the air toward the rat. It barely had time to let out a startled squeak before gaping sores and bright red lacerations spread over its body, the wounds ending its life in a flash.

Thaddeus chuckled to himself as he turned around, it was about time he put those corpses to good use.

(Written by Duane Havenga)


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