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Oops! – Meadel 15 June 104AV

The wizened old wizard, or ex-wizard as he now styled himself, sat in the corner of the small tavern with an ale in his hand. He had gathered a small crowd around him as he regaled them with tales of his adventurous past.

Since his magics were now useless he had to earn his keep whichever way he could. “and as the troll rounded the boulders I yelled my incantation,” he raised his arm to illustrate his point “I call forth a flame bolt” but the words had scarce left his tongue when a familiar force welled up within him and with a crackle and burst of heat a ball of eldritch flame lept from his outstretched hand and fizzled against the rafters. The villagers seated around him screamed in fear and panic, trying to get away from him.

As they scrambled through the door he picked up his gnarled old staff off the floor and placed his hat back on his head, the light of adventure once more back in his eyes.

(Written by Duane Havenga)


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