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Event 13 Stories – A nasty surprise

Grubb set down a plate before Bismark, a Bleakmire noble, laden with so much food that he would not even be able to finish it all. The nobility and other desecrated citizens ate so well while the peasants starved or caught the plague. It infuriated Grubb, but he hid that emotion from his “masters” while he posed as a servant.

Those who did not bear the marks of desecration were treated as little more than dirt if you were lucky. Then there were those unfortunate enough to catch the plague. They would soon be covered in a bright red itchy rash. After that it’s a slow descent into the depths of pain before you die.The desecrated nobility did nothing about it, because they were mysteriously immune to its sinister infections.

Acting as servant for the nobility often got his true masters good information when the noble lips were loose due to large amounts of drink.

“I’ve even been to one of the 13’s towers on an investment venture! We’ve got quite a lot of investmentments across Bleakmire.” Bismark boasted to his guest. “That’s extraordinary!” the young women replied. She was clearly looking to court this young man to marry into a rich family.

“I heard that the 13 do all sorts of interesting research. Did you see anything interesting whilst you were in there?” she asked, trying to pry out some interesting tidbit of information she could boast about to her friends.

“Well,” Bismark said after taking another swig of his drink and lowering his voice, “they were making some amazing things down in the catacombs below the tower.” They both laughed loudly as if it was an inside-joke.

After Grubb’s duties as a servant he went out into town. He approached a hooded figure in the downtown area of the city handed the figure a note and continued out of town. He was heading toward one of the 13’s towers. He needed to confirm what they were making inside the catacombs. Luckily for Grubb, he knew of a few ways into the tower.

He approached the tower with caution. The guards and slaves usually found around the towers were moving big carts into the tower. Grubb couldn’t make out the cargo from his hiding spot near the tower in the dark. Deciding he didn’t have much time, he sneaks around to a side entrance. Moving quietly, he makes his way inside and down some flights of stairs.

He finally reaches a chamber that widens and leads into catacombs under the tower. Hiding just out of sight, he sees figures carrying large items from a large entrance to the catacombs. Wanting a closer look, he waits for an opportune moment and moves closer, behind some crates.

Grubb peered out from behind his hiding spot only to gasp suddenly in horror and retreat back behind the crates. He covers his mouth with a piece of loose cloth he always keeps in his pocket. The figures carrying the items were skeletal undead or zombies. What’s more, they were carrying dead plague victims into the catacombs. They were creating an enormous army of undead!

He had to get back and relay this information. People had to be warned! He was about to make a run for the stairs when a large hand grabbed him around his neck, lifting him into the air.

“What do we have here?” a guttural deep voice bellowed from behind him. Grubb was overwhelmed by the stench of death from the hand around his neck as the thing turned him to face it. It was clearly undead, as some of its flesh seemed to be rotting and missing. Not only that, but his face was rather elongated and his smile showed fangs. “It looks like a little spy.
You’ve got some balls coming in here without them lines on your skin.” He laughed as he turned and walked up another set of stairs.

“Let go of me!” Grubb gasped and struggled in the brute’s hand. The figure gave a barking laugh as they continued up the stairs. “I bet the master will let me have some fun with you before you join the ranks.” The barking laughter continued all the way up the stairs, into darkness…

(Written by Rushka Venter)

This story will conclude at Event 13


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