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Event 13 – The siege begins from the seas – Part 2

With the initial surprise of the Talo-Kingdom fleet over, and the first rays of dawn breaking over the horizon, the true extent of the carnage is visible for the first time since the attack started. The last few remaining Talo and Kingdom ships one by one succumbing to the hordes of undead summoned by the Bleakmire Necromancers. Rotting crabs crawling over the decks of ships, snapping sailors in half or tossing them overboard where tentacles snatch them underwater. The masts of ships being torn down by revenants and ghosts, making escape impossible, as Bleakmire ships draw up next to them casting their evil magics on the crew. Some sailors simply jump overboard as their shipmates suddenly start coming for them.

The Bleakmirian navy, so engrossed in their victory and mopping up, fails to notice the black flags approaching from both sides of the bay, breaking through the quickly dissipating mists. Someone on a Bleakmire ship notices the new arrivals and shouts an alarm. The Bleakmire navy starts to mobilise toward the newly arrived ships, as it becomes clear that this is a Talo navy. And they were all flying the Red flags with a skull and cross bones motif. The significance of this doesn’t dawn on either the Bleakmire fleet or the remaining Kingdom ships, as a shadow falls over the bay.

There is a moment of silence as everyone tries to figure out what is happening, when suddenly chaos and confusion replaces everything. The shadow starts to drift downwards, falling like the drops of rain from the persistent drizzle. The swathes of arrows are undiscerning in their targets, killing both Kingdom sailors and Bleakmirian Necromancers. The arrows are followed in quick succession by alchemical vials to the nearest enemy ships. Some ships are completely engulfed in flames within second, a high pitched screeching in the air as undead creatures are dissolved by acid and flame.

The hearts of the Bleakmire navy sink to their shoes as they realise that this is a two pronged attack. The Talo ships are flowing into the bay of Bleakmire from both sides of the island
Those ships of the Bleakmire armada not already torn to shreds are soon boarded by hordes of colourful fury. Blades and magic lighting up the dawn. The Gypsies are utterly ruthless, sparing no one.

On the bow of the lead ship, Scara da’Lua stands proud, a fierce look in her eye…

(Written by Brenna Rong)


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