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Event 13 – Let the Games begin Part 2

With Border Post 11 destroyed and the guards either killed or captured, the combined armies of Meadal march across the mountains and into the County of Bleakmire. As they arrive at the gates to the first major town in their path, they meet with resistance from the town guard. However they dispatch of the ineffective militia within an hour and charge through the gates to hunt down the few that had escaped into the town.

The Meadal troops enter the town…to find it mostly deserted.

A feeling of dread spread through the ranks as every building they search turns up empty. Some buildings contain diseased and cowering peasants, but most places look as though the residents had simply vanished. The soldiers find possessions lying untouched, and even plates of food uneaten, as they systematically search the town.

Just as the soldiers are preparing to retreat, they heard an eerie sound whistling through the trees that promised them death…

OOC: Story resumes tomorrow at Event 13: Call to Arms! See you guys there and hope you enjoy the weekend as much as I plan to 🙂


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