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Event 13 – Let the games begin!

The biggest army Meadal has seen for many generation march towards Bleakmire at a slow pace. The Mountainous terrain makes it difficult for such a large force to move through the passes with much speed. But the end of their journey is nearly within reach as Border Post 11 becomes visible to the foremost ranks of troops. The Guards manning the Border Post had undoubtedly seen them by now, and the massive column of marchers come to a staggered halt well out of range of any magics or arrows. Preparations are hurriedly made to get the first trebuchet in the line up and running and a few scouts are sent forward to asses the enemy positions. The next few hours drag by slowly as the preparations are made as the sun slowly starts to sink beneath the horizon, the shadow of dusk slowly creeping across the mountainside.

As the last rays of the sun flicker out beneath the horizon the first of many gigantic boulders launches across the heads of hundreds of soldiers standing; waiting with bated breath for chaos to ensue. The boulder whistles through the seemingly dead quiet air before it collides spectacularly with the side of the mountain.
As the soldiers are distracted by the first ranging shot of the enormous siege weapon, most fail to notice that the shadows around them seem to have oozed upwards into vaguely humanoid shapes.. For some of them it is too late and they die silently without ever having drawn their swords or loosed an arrow. For the rest the night turns into a nightmare battle as they fight shadow creatures and undead though the night, protecting the siege engines as the machines pound away at the fortress in the mountains.

To almost everyone’s amazement, a large swathe of the undead horde suddenly start wandering aimlessly or attacking without strategy as a side of the border post collapses under the barrage. Whooping and cheering spread through the ranks as they realise that they will win this fight before the sun rises in the morning..


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