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Halfway there

“Be careful with that,” Zeek called out to his fellow workers. “We don’t want to scuff the floor with this thing, remember what she did to that crew that made that mess in the Flame hall.”
The man to his left gritted his teeth the memory of having to dispose of the ashes still fresh in his mind, while the man opposite furrowed his brow in concentration. The golems they had between them began moving with greater dexterity as they slowly edged the large granite block through the low arch leading into the Earth hall.

Having successfully navigated the arch the three worked their golems into position before the golden contraption that would house their master’s prize. The golems carefully raised the block into position, making sure to not glance any of the ornate figures or glass orbs that littered the supports. With a grating noise the block slid into position and gave one last shudder as if to confirm its last resting position. The block stood still for a moment before the runes carved over its surface began to pulse with a red glow that seemed to be collected by the orbs on the device, condensing the light into an almost liquid form that flowed down the supports and through intricate spiral patterns cut into the floor of the hall before snaking their way up the columns in the corners of disappearing into the unknown darkness above.

“Well that went well.”
“Greatly so, those poor fools back on the prime plane don’t realize what they’ve given us here.”
“That they don’t,” a new feminine voice joined in.
“Master,” the three managed to breath out at once at the sudden appearance of the woman clad in a golden cloak that they studied under, their heads all turned down in their own crimson cloaks.

“Its a wonderful sight to behold isn’t it?” she asked no one in particular. “An actual heart of an earth leyline, and one so removed from the corruption of the material plane.”
She continued as she approached the heart, running a hand along the surface, flecks of red energy trailing the lazy pattern she traced.
“It is a magnificent sight Master,” Zeek agreed.
“And all thanks to those silly little fools in their bubble,” the Master gave of a cruel laugh that made the three men each shudder.
“It was a brilliant plan Master.”

“Of course it was, I was the one who made it,” she replied casting a scowl at Zeek, who turned his head down and wondered if his ashes would leave as bad a stain as the worker in the Flame hall.
“However,” the Master continued after enough time to leave Zeek to squirm had passed. “You did show great devotion and the kind of guile I can appreciate while performing it Zeek.”
Zeek dared not move his head up from the floor where his gaze had been locked.
“I think, you may need a reward of some sort. Perhaps another brilliant plan to put into action? How much do you know about the water heart?”
Before Zeek could answer she continued. “Hopefully more than the last man I sent to find it. You are to leave immediately. Secure the area and await my arrival.”
“At once Master,” responded gesturing to the other two men while pivoting to the archway they had come in through.

“Oh and Zeek,” he froze mid step. “I want you to take the entropic distortion relays with you. You figure out the radius needed,” she commanded now taking in the earth heart again.
Zeek under his hood had gone pale but continued trudging away from the hall, wishing he had rather made a mistake moving the heart than face this new task.

In the hall the Master looked up and down the contraption once more.
“Halfway there now, those ants will be begging for their bubble to be popped before I’m done.”


– Written by Douw Pretorius –


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