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Sweet Liberation

“Is the war really over father?” little Gretchen asked, “So it would seem my sweetling. There has been no sign of our ‘nobility’ for some time now.”. “So the people from far away beat the bad men and saved us?”, Gretchen watched frown lines appear amongst the black lines on her father’s forehead “That is a difficult question to answer little one, no one ever truly wins in war and this was an even more indecisive outcome. Some say Kavis has been seen alive in the wilderness, whilst our ‘Liberators’ show little concern for the small folk of our plagued lands. The majority of their host simply left after their battle was done… We are free of any form of oppressor for the time being, we are immune to the plague and we still have each other my sweet child, we have much to be thankful for.” her father tried to smile…

A tear rolled down her lined cheek “I thought they came to save us” she sobbed, “how safe can we be if the bad man is still alive?”


-Written by Neville Shield-

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