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The Serpent

176th Intercepted letter.

Dearest Brothers

Even among the free, it is not always easy to live together. Less than a month ago, the people of this world disagreed so bitterly among themselves that some of them felt they could not go on living with the rest.
A test of arms was made to decide whether Bleakmire should remain one nation or become consumed by the rest of Meadal. The armies of those of us who believed in our nation were led by a man named Kavis von Rindembane.

What about Kavis? What kind of man was he who would take on the entirety of Meadal in a test of arms as large as that? Those of you who have had the honour of seeing him with your own two eyes can attest to his unbridled genius, his incomparable grace and magnificence.

You may think that he has abandoned you, but you would be wrong. He lives. His courage and bravery has seen him through this trying time and he waits to strike at a time when his prey is weak and unsuspecting.
He was a born winner, not even the mightiest of the allied armies could kill him. There was no victory for them and there can be no victory for them while Kavis leads us..

So come my brothers, we will band together once more under the banner of our master. We will wait like a coiled viper to strike at the weakened jugular.

Truly yours
Sir Egorin Greysteele

– Written by Brenna Rong –

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