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Event 14 – On the Way

The caravan was making its way across the dry cracked earth. Not much to see in these parts except dust, sand and rock. Occasionally an inhabitant of the desert could be seen skittering across the ground and into a burrow or underneath a rock as the beat of hooves pass them.

The nomads of the caravan were used to the heat and knew the desert was filled with more than sand. Their journeys took them far and wide, however they were heading somewhere special this time. The Festival of Travelling Lights. The Festival marked the choosing of the new Master of Caravans.

Many were curious about who would be chosen. The previous Master of Caravans wasn’t in the position for long and many had some trepidation for the coming choice.

Blint was walking alongside some of the pack animals deep in thought. His mind was thinking of the festival and the things he might see there. So many different things to eat and drink, so many things to do. He wanted to try them all! As he walked he occasionally kicked rocks to the side of the path they were following. As he put some more force into another kick to see how far one would travel, he noticed something moving in the distance, parallel to their own path. It formed a large line, much like a caravan. Colours of grey purple and black seemed to shimmer in the distance like a mirage before collecting into a more solid image. It seemed to be a caravan much like their own but far bigger, containing many wagons pulled along by big bulky animals.

Blint wondered if there were normally such big caravans at the Festival, but before he could show the line of travellers to someone else, the figures shimmered again and were gone.

Blint stared after the line of travellers before blinking a few times and going to get a few sips of water. It was obviously a mirage.


 – Written by Rushka Venter –



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