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Event 14 – Dances and Twists

The Festival wasn’t far away and a wide variety of merchants and travelers were gathering together from all over Meadel, setting up tents and putting up decorations everywhere. People bustled to get ready, cooks and bakers were hard at work, craftsman were setting up their displays of their available wares and everyone was running around trying to get things done. Kegs were rolled out in preparation for the festivities.

You could see children scampering about, ducking and diving through the crowds, their laughter could be heard amidst the crowds of busy people as the sun shone down on a good summer’s day.

The day wore on and as the sun started to set the people started gathering around fire pits. There was much singing and being merry. Musicians played, their instruments, moving their listeners to dance and sing.

Thom was still setting up his stall, putting decorations up here and there. Torches flickered as he put on his finishing touches. He stepped back and had a good look at his work and nodded to himself “Not too bad.” He took a moment to light his pipe, before leaving to join in the merry festivities. He was set up on the outskirts of the camp, since he arrived a bit late. The area was quite deserted and he made his way through the various paths that were lit by the yellow light of lanterns, puffing his pipe happily, humming to himself.

One of the yellow lanterns along his path flickered and started to glow with a soft purple light. He stopped, curious and went to investigate the sudden change in the lantern’s colour. The flame just seemed to burn a bit purple suddenly. “How odd.” He murmured to himself, thinking that it must be some sort of alchemy you used to make the lantern’s flame burn purple. He made a mental note to ask around for the person who made the lanterns.

Suddenly the lantern next to the first started to burn purple, then another. Thom stepped back a bit before more started turning purple. “Curious. I wonder if it has something to do with the time of night.” Soon all the lanterns around him were purple. As Thom was intently examining one of the recently lit lanterns, a shadow silently creeps along the ground. The shifting lantern light did not seem to make the shadow waver as it slithered up to Thom’s shadow. The shadow seemed to consider Thom’s shadow for a moment before grabbing at it with long sinewy arms that end in claw-like shadowy fingers.

The lanterns abruptly faded into darkness.



One by one the lanterns start to glow yellow again, lighting the path. On the ground where Thom was last contemplating the alchemy behind the purple lanterns was nothing more than his still smoldering pipe.


– Written by Rushka Venter –


OOC: The story continues tomorrow at Event 14 – Remember to pack your brown pants and your fighting trousers.

This weekend is going to be epic!


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