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Event 15 – Love will never die

My Edith has returned to me.’ said Cedric with tears of joy in his eyes. The scroll had cost him a small fortune due to its forbidden nature, but the spell was beyond his more humble healing magic.


Her untimely death amidst the Sandstorm that cut them off from the Festival of Travelling Lights, which they were both looking forward to with much excitement, had left Cedric a hollow man… but now she was back.

She seemed somewhat dazed and off balance but that was to be expected after she had been away for so long. She gazed towards the North-West as if drawn towards the warmth of the setting sun. Cedric placed his hand in hers, she grasped it with a strength he wasn’t aware that she possessed, her skin still surprisingly cold considering the desert heat.

‘I love you my dearest Edith’ he said. She stared into the distance, gave a grunt that he took for approval and together they walked off into the sunset.  

– written by Neville Shield –

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One response

  1. Hayes


    Don’t care about the zombitch, who sold him that scroll?

    February 19, 2013 at 16:01

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