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Event 15 – A Dark Tide

Nathaniel was just about to go to bed when the knocking started. “Darned kids he muttered as he grabbed his cudgel and strode toward the door. He waited for the knocking to start again and flung open the door and five young children scampered away screaming wildly as he flung curses after them. “Fifth time this week” he grumbled laying the short length of ironwood down and sitting back down upon the pile of hay that was his bed, he had just removed his shoes when the knocking started again. He warily rose and yelled out as he picked up his weapon “If you are still there when I get there I am going to break every bone in your annoying little bodies.” He flung open the door only to be greeted by screams and scampering youths. He slammed the door shut and flung his cudgel into the corner, he got back into bed grumbling all the way.

When the screaming had still not stopped by the time he got his shirt off he was greatly annoyed. “Right that’s it, I’m getting my crossbow. If you can’t leave me in peace I will have to make my own” The screaming stopped suddenly and Nathaniel smirked, only to have his victory cut short by a slow knocking on the door. The man leapt across the room and ripped the door open expecting to find the children scampering again but in their place a slavering man, maggots crawling from a long empty eye socket and pustulent flesh seeping all over his body grabbed at his bare chest, jagged nails tearing at his skin. The figure pushed Nathaniel down and as Nathaniel struggle three more shambling meat bags pushed through around his attacker.

Fighting hard as he could Nathaniel was soon overwhelmed and the horrors started to claw at his chest, screaming in agony and fear Nathaniel could do nothing but watch as his intestines were torn, red and glistening like coils of rope from his gaping abdomen and devoured by the walking dead. His screams soon turned to gurgles only to be replaced seconds later by fresh cries of terror from the house next door. A dark tide was pouring from the desert, and there seemed no stopping it…

– Written by Duane Havenga – 


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