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Event 15 – The First Approach

Silus’ feet moved swiftly across the scrubland as he began what was to be a long circling of the outskirts of the village, his eyes constantly surveyed his surroundings and his hands remained constantly ready upon his knocked bow.

The Corvinian scout had made quick progress, ranging through the forests of Domicile Veneficii and into the scrubland which edged the desert of the Burning Sands, and was already three days ahead of the vanguard of the various allied forces marching toward the town. Ever since he had begun his long approach the hair on the back of his neck had not ceased bristling and he had been catching glimpses of various shambling shapes off in the darkness, likely a small measure of the foul undead that the Duchies combined forces were marching against. Even the land seemed against him here: it was dry, dusty and contained little in the way of foliage. Water and cover were both scarce commodities, and it had appeared as though darkness was his only ally during his approach.

As he stopped to catch his breath, hunched low behind a small rocky outcrop, he felt his unease at being in such a place grow and wanted nothing more than to leave this blight behind and return to his army and the safety of numbers and comradery.

Yet it was his duty to scout out the darkened city and locate any weakness’ its defences may contain, and a Corvinian always did their duty. With a small and barely audible sigh, Silus steeled his will and gathered his courage; and with that he stalked silently once more into the black of the night.

– Written by Patrick Gordon –


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