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Event 15 – Scouting

Ruso was leading the scouting party. There were only three of them and they had been travelling deeper into the desert ahead of the armies.They managed to avoid various groups of undead, but hadn’t found any gathering that would indicate their origin or purpose. Dusk was starting to settle in as they snuck over another hill.

Before them a hoard of undead stretched out. Skeletons, zombies and all manner of vile corpses stuck together by their masters. Ruso and the other scouts were stunned by the amount of undead they saw before them.

It seemed to be originating from inside the village. If they wanted to go further, they’d have to get past the undead and over the walls surrounding the village.

Who or what would have the power to gather so many undead? He could see in his companion’s pale faces that they also feared what was behind such a gathering.

They were so frozen with fear, almost mesmerized by what they saw, that they didn’t hear the footsteps behind them, until the creatures announced their presence with vicious snarling.

They spun around, drawing swords as they did so. Before them was a tall humanoid figure with rotting flesh and lupine facial features. He was flanked by two huge wolves, their flesh rotting and missing in places. “Intruder!s” the large figure growled. His features changed into what seems to be a grotesque grin, revealing fangs and rotting gums. “Fresh meat!” he barked as he gestured at the wolves to attack.

His two companions engaged the wolves. “Run! Warn the others!” Devan yelled at Ruso as his sword caught in the jaws of one of the wolves. Ruso hesitated for a second, before clutching his sword and dodging past the wolves. Walter let out a scream of pain as one of the wolves bit into his arm.

Ruso tried to run past the big figure, but the figure brought down its sword with surprising speed and cut a gash in Ruso’s arm. He screamed and dropped his sword but kept running, he had to get away.

He had to warn the others…

Devan’s screams were muffled as the other wolf tore out his throat. The figure turned in the direction Ruso ran in. “HA HA HA!” it laughed in a guttural growl.

“The hunt begins.”

– Written by Rushka Venter –


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