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Event 15 – Where have they gone?

They smell terrible. Ever since they came for our village I’ve had the smell with me. I can even smell them when they aren’t around. The few times they just left me and the others in the cage, the smell would linger and give me nightmares.

 Daddy used to tell stories about them; the dead people that attack the living; killing them … eating them. The stories are scarier now. These didn’t kill us. They gathered us up and forced us to walk somewhere. Why did they do that?

 We walked far. Sometimes I struggled to keep up with the big people. Mommy and Daddy would sometimes carry me when I couldn’t walk anymore. They never got tired, but we did. They don’t care, they’re dead.

 We got stuck in a cage. It was very scary. Every now and then they came for people. The people tried to fight, but they couldn’t win and got taken away. Most of the people they took away we never saw again. Uncle Bruce came back a few days after they took him, only … he’s not Uncle Bruce anymore.

 Mommy and Daddy were whispering about a plan to escape. During one of the few times the cage was not closely guarded and everyone else was asleep, they started digging. Mommy made me go through the hole they dug underneath the cage wall when suddenly some of the other people woke up and tried to force their way past Mommy. Those people made a lot of noise. The dead people noticed the noise and came to the cage. A man was stuck in the hole and Mommy and Daddy couldn’t get through.

 Mommy and Daddy yelled for me to run. I didn’t want to leave them, but I listened when the stink became too much. It frightened me, they came too close, so I ran away.

I ran and ran. I’ve never run so much in my life. I will find someone to help Mommy and Daddy before they become the same as Uncle Bruce. I promise…

– Written by Rushka Venter – 


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