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E16 – Unwanted Betrothal

“Do I have no say in this!?” Edith yelled at her father who was standing by the crackling fireplace.

“It is for the good of the family business pumpkin. Edward’s family is powerful and the union will go a long way for us.”

“But you know Edward does terrible things to get his way! I could never love someone like that!” Edith retorts.

“Sweetie, it is not about love, it is about a better future.” her father replies in a sweet voice as if it would make the prospect more appealing.

Edith is stunned speechless. She just scowls at her father angrily before storming out of the room. How could he? He knows she loves Emelio. No amount of power and money would make her change her mind on that.

Before long she reaches her favourite part of the estate’s garden. She paces back and forth in the small clearing, her emotions flickering between anger, grief and fear.

She was so deep in thought that she doesn’t even notice Emelio enter the clearing. Emelio eventually clears his throat to get her attention.  Her heart skips a beat at the small fright the sudden noise gave her. “Emelio!” she exclaimed as she ran into his arms and they embraced. “What is wrong my angel?” Emelio asks as he brushes her hair out of the way.

“Oh Emelio, something terrible has happened! My father has given my hand in marriage to that dastardly Edward! I have tried to make my father see reason, but he would not listen! Whatever shall we do?”

Emelio embraces her tightly “Worry not my love. I will see that we are together.” He grasps her shoulders and looks into her eyes with determination “Give me a day or two. We will leave this retches place and find a new life together.”

Her heart overflowing with love and gratitude, she nods, a tear rolling down her cheek. “I love you.” She embraces him and gives him a quick kiss. “And I love you.” He replies before vanishing into the city again.

–  written by Rushka Venter –


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  1. Hayes

    I…missed some storyline somewhere.

    July 7, 2013 at 23:13

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