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Book of the Stars

Gazing at the stars had become a habit of late. Their unique formations, patterns capturing his interest. He was once again looking for familiar patterns, searching for new and interesting pictures to draw from them. At the back of his mind however it was still bothering him that he in actual fact did not have any information on them. He wished to find out more of their names and their groupings. It was not long before he decided to take action: he would find a book, a book about stars, and he would finally know their names. It was late however, so he retired for the evening instead, trying to make as little noise as he could so as not to wake his companions. They would need their energy for the journey ahead and for looking for what he planned for them to search for.

 He woke early and, his mind set, he did not waste time; strapping his equipment to his person and removing the evidence of his encampment with efficiency and practice. He then patiently waited for his fellow travellers to ready themselves. It was not long before they moved out, searching for a city or town. It had been a while since they had seen road, for the stars in the wilderness were clearer and brighter. During the night however an idea had come to him. The first of his companions he sent out to find a prominent astrologist within the area. Once she had left, he asked the other companion to follow her and gather information on the security of the residence.

 Realising that all that was needed was done he decided instead to wander the woods for some time. They weren’t quite like the ones from his childhood, however nevertheless they were peaceful. It was not long however before the peace was interrupted by a raven. Wishing to get back to the peace he found earlier he quickly detached the message on its leg and got to replying. The message had irritated him. However, knowing that some peace would remove that, he kept his message short and sent it along with the raven. Finally he could relax again and so as the day passed he headed back to the encampment they had used the previous day. Knowing not when his fellow travellers would return, he set out to setup the camp once more and not before long headed out to find food.

 As he wandered the woods once more he found evidence of some animals nearby. Not having a hunting bow available he started setting up a small trap and moved into cover to wait. To his luck it was not long before a deer approached; it had, seemingly, been separated from its herd. To his dismay however it had stopped just before the trap he had set and so he tried to move closer to it. Maybe the dagger he had would help him more. Whether due to his bad luck or hunger (?) the leaves around him had dried so that he could not help but make some noise. The sudden rustle of leaves startled the deer and, in its panic, it ran directly into the trap. Realising what had happened he got up from his cover and moved to the animal and with efficiency of the blade cut its throat.

 It was not long after he had gotten back and had started making the food that his fellow travellers returned. Listening to what they had discovered while all were enjoying the food that had been provided the plan was set. Tonight he would need his rest, but not before he finished enjoying the interests the night’s sky had brought.

 The next day he woke to the cries of another raven. It seemed his message had been answered. He pocketed the paper and sent the bird away. He had work to do. Letting his companions know he would be catching up with them at a later stage, he headed off with the information they had provided him. He soon arrived at the house of the astrologist and to his luck he was easily able to acquire a book on the stars. Now he could head back and regroup with his companions and hopefully read what he had found. His interest would be sated and his mind could be at peace once more.

– written by BW Muller –


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