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The Gears of Administration

Paperwork cluttered the once tidy chamber. Its spartan utilitarianism giving  way to uncontrolled, turbulent seas of parchment dotted ever so often by fleets of scroll casses or lonely tomes drowning amidst the  chaos. All these foreigners. This Hell debacle was a  headache if ever there was one. Half did not even bother to fill in the appropriate paperwork and his offices had been working  double shifts to process  the numerous claims of theft of property.

Why did no one seem to understand that order was needed to maintain law. Systems were in place for a reason. Everything ran on gears of ink and parchment. No paperwork no processing. How can one judicate theft claims  for a party that does not legally exist within Skaven. Did these Philistines have no such procedure back wherever they  crawled out from? He would personally have to deal with this yes. Already his saddlebags were packed with documentation to be distributed when he arrived at the siege. Those who did not listen  to reason would just have to suffer the consequences. He was fair was he not?  Or did they wish to enter Skaven for ulterior motives. The Homeland Defense Forces would have to be placed  on higher alert.

Every foreign trader would be under  closer scrutiny. Routine pass checks would have to be doubled. Curfews put in place, if they wanted to test him they would not find him wanting. They wanted him to slip up but he  wouldn’t. No. They would not  have that satisfaction. They would  conform  to the laws.  Compliance was  not optional. Skaven does not allow his failure in that regard. Skaven does not allow failure at all.


– written by Duane Havenga – 

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