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Battle on the plains of Baleford – Part I

Part1Another gut-wrenching crunch and snap of bone and flesh pierced the smoky air as another soldier engaging the massive elemental in the enemy’s’ vanguard was just a little too slow to avoid the devastating blow. A thunderous blast followed by an explosion could be heard from their eastern flank as elementals continued hurtling elemental magic about. Commander Logan and his men had been fighting this battle for days and the enemy was pushing them back. There was just no end to the waves that kept pouring out of the catacombs.

At first the elementals were manageable, especially with some fighting between the order and chaos elementals, but soon the order elementals became enough to form a well organised army and the chaos elementals managed to slip through and do anything from setting crops on fire to stealing barn doors. A significant amount of crops have already been lost and if the enemy advance wasn’t stopped here, Cornstalk would be in serious trouble.

His superiors had sent word that reinforcements would be coming soon and he just needed to hold out. At this moment the Cornstalk Alliance had already poured more men into this battle than they could spare and scores were already dead. It was getting to a point where he was considering an all-out retreat.

Logan rammed his shield into another of the smaller elemental imps trying to get to their back-line of mages, toppling it onto the the ground where he deftly shoved his sword’s blade through the thing’s skull.”Commander!” someone was trying to get his attention through the noise of battle. The owner of the voice suddenly appeared at his flank, escorted by two other soldiers. He recognised him as one of the scouts that was keeping an eye on the edges of the battle field. “Report.” Logan gave the order as he was offered a brief reprieve when another group moved forward into the advancing elementals.

The young man, no older than twenty, had a fearful look on his face when he began his report  “I spotted what appears to be a scouting party of goblins in the thicket to our West sir. They seemed to observe the battlefield for a while before they vanished into the thicket again.” Logan could feel his stomach drop a bit. The orcs and other goblinoids from Wolfshead had been relatively quiet in the last year or so and they didn’t have any major problems with raids in that time. He had heard rumours about a new leader, but he was wary and distrustful of the apparent peace. Had they decided to use this opportunity to overwhelm the Cornstalk Alliance? He nodded grimly at the young man “Thank you. Please return to your post and report back when you know –” His sentence was interrupted by a loud booming warhorn from the thicket to their West, followed by the all-too-familiar beating of massive war-drums

The horde of orcs, goblins, ogres, half-breeds and all had already started streaming from the thicket to their flank. At the front of the charge was a group riding their war-mounts. Massive boars  that had enormous tusks and were just as aggressive as their riders, using them to slash through enemy flesh. At the front of the charge was a smaller desecrated half-orc, her sword at the ready. It was evident that she was leading the charge. Beside her rode two big orcs, each with a war-banner strapped to their backs. The one was grey and had the emblem of two axes and a wolf and the other was red and had the emblem of a boar on it. In their infantry there were even more different kinds of banners. He had never seen so many different tribal banners together before.

He thought that they were truly done-for when he realised that the orcs were not charging at the Alliance’s forces, but directly into the flank of the enemy’s army. He was stunned for a moment but was soon snapped out of it when a formal magic circle to the enemy’s Eastern flank started to light up and more humans, dressed in greens and golds started appearing out of it. He recognised the heraldry as Domicile Venificii. Their knights started forming a shield wall at the front whilst their backline started raining all manner of magic down upon the enemy’s Eastern flank.

Gripping his sword and shield handle tightly and clenching his jaw he realised that this was the reinforcements he was told would come. He did not, however, realise that they would be fighting alongside orcs. He managed to swallow his anger and pride for long enough to see that the battle must continue on.They could push the enemy back into the catacombs with the numbers and strength that just arrived.

Rally to me!” He shouted at the top of his lungs. “Push forward and don’t let them escape the attack!” His men followed him forward, bashing, slashing and casting at the enemy, pushing them into their ally’s attacks.

… to be continued

– Story Written by Rushka Venter


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