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Battle on the plains of Baleford – Part II

Cynn’s heart was beating fast with anticipation. She had been training for a very long time to be part of the Domicile Venificii’s regiment of battle mages and she was eager to participate in her first real battle. They were spirit walking to their intended destination, right into the flank of an army of elementals. There had been a strategy meeting right before they started walking. They were assigned into teams of an Earth caster, two Celestial casters and three of the knights.

The role of the knights was to engage in melee and protect the casters, whilst the Earth caster needed to keep up healing and defences. Then there was her job. Her job was to pummel the enemy with elemental power. Thinking of it gave her a shiver, she couldn’t wait!

After the strange quiet of the spirit walk, it felt like all her senses were being assaulted as they stepped out of the magic circle. She could hear the clash of steel, the casting of magics, and war drums from across the battlefield where she knew the Wolfshead orcs would be. She could smell death and fields of crops burning. In front of her she could see elementals, humans and orcs, all clashing into an ocean of violence.

She hadn’t realise she had been holding her breath. She snapped out of her momentary stun and fell in behind the shield wall of knights. “Ready!” came the commander’s call and she had the spells she needed to cast on the tip of her tongue and she was already starting to bring her magical energy to the tips of her fingers. “Fire!”

Flame, stone, ice and lightning burst into the air as the line of mages in the DV regiment fired a volley of spells into the enemy flank. Some elementals fell where they stood whilst some spells only seemed to draw the attention of others.

They fought hard to push the enemy back towards the catacombs and even had a few close calls with the smaller and faster chaos imps getting through the shield wall. The battle had been raging for a few hours now and they had found a fairly defensible position. She had planted her feet and was focused on unleashing a Magic Storm, flinging attack after attack at surrounding enemies.

Occasionally she saw a collection of orcs engaging close by, or a group from the Cornstalk alliance fighting a collection of imps. She heard a squeal and massive thump as one of the enormous riding boars crashed into an elemental. It lifted it up in its curved tusks and flung it to one side. It’s rider, a tall and relatively skinny orc, was firing arrow after arrow at the enemies around them. They were focussed on a particular group of elementals when an imp, jumped at him from behind. He noticed the imp’s attack a bit too late and was sure he would get knocked off his mount when it was blown clear off its intended path by an magical attack.

Cynn smirked to herself, the imp was not nearly as quick on the draw as she was. The orc looked up at her and raised his bow and arrow directly in her direction. For a moment she froze in shock and indignation as he let his arrow fly directly at her! She thought she was going to die, when the arrow flew right past her head and she heard a crack and squeal from behind her. She craned her neck around to see that an imp lay dead on the ground just a few feet away from her.

She spun back to face the archer and he had a smirk on his face as well, he nodded to her and sped off again, taking down more elementals with arrow and tusk as they went. She seethed inside “Why that little show-off…” but decided to channel that into showing that show-off exactly who the best crack-shot was and fired two dead-on blasts at the heads of the two nearest elemental imps.

… to be continued

– Story Written by Rushka Venter


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